The Need

As Arlington continues to grow, so do the needs of its homeless population. Arlington Life Shelter’s board and staff members are dedicated to continually accomplish its mission to provide residents the opportunity to build their way back to self-sufficiency. The new expanded facility will allow the Shelter to:

  • Increase the number of homeless families served by adding seven bedrooms, bringing the total shelter capacity to 120 beds.
  • Create a "one stop shop" for our current and former residents with new space for non-profit partners.
  • Install a commercial kitchen, increasing the size of the kitchen and dining room.
  • Add much needed educational and recreational space for children, including a secure open air playground.
  • Provide an employment services lab and interview space, to impact one of the most important elements of our model to get residents into dependable jobs.
  • Provide space and services for residents to remain in the Shelter during the day and on weekends, which they cannot currently do.

While homelessness can likely not be totally eradicated, Arlington Life Shelter will provide opportunity for many more to experience the satisfaction of making their own way again.